We all have our own techniques for remembering things.

Some people use cue cards, repetition, or acronyms.  Some use rhymes or even songs.  Others use diagrams, maps and pictures to make associations.   Wikipedia describes visual thinking as the phenomenon of thinking through visual processing, by seeing words as a series of pictures.

Now, let’s see what this source has to say on the matter.  Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, the Muppets, with a classic video on visual thinking.

Dr. John Medina of Brain Rules believes that the more visual the input becomes, the more likely it is to be recognized—and recalled.

We can learn and retain knowledge far more effectively by maximizing the use of our senses.  So integrate visual thinking with action, verbal, auditory, tactile and motor sensory functions for better learning.

Did you know that approximately 60%–65% of the general population are visual learners? What is your learning style?


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Visual Thinker | Graphic Recorder | Sketchnote Artist at See In Colors
Lisa Nelson loves to combine art with life. Lisa captures conversations with hand-drawn pictures so people can "see" what's being said. Her visual summaries range from business and leadership to community and faith. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Ogilvy & Mather, and Social Media Week. She works locally in the Washington, D.C. area and world-wide.
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