3 Tips for Planning A Successful Live Event

3 Tips for Planning A Successful Live Event

Event Planning, Conference, Event Planning ChecklistA few months ago, I had a great experience working with Pam Slim at her Power Boost Live event.  Wow, that was some conference (see blog post here).

Valerie Steiger was one of the featured speakers.  Valerie is a Master Coach and specializes in retreats, event planning and speaking.

Recently, I looked through my conference goodie bag and found pictures I made in my notebook during her session.  Valerie used lots of imagery while speaking which made it so enjoyable for me to draw, draw, draw 🙂

Valerie walked us step by step on creating a live event.  We all left the session wanting more.  The information she shared was actionable and practical.  Here are my favorite tips.

  1. An event can be with just 2 people.  I never about it that way, but it’s true.
  2. Engaging the senses during an event makes it memorable.   FEEL, SEE, HEAR, SMELL and TASTE
  3. Don’t squeeze too much into the agenda.  People need breathing room.  The MAGIC is in the white space.

I took my favorite quote from Valerie and made this sketchnote.

Resources & Affiliates

Valerie shares her best tips for having a sensational event.  Check out her resources and learn everything you ever wanted to know about Live Events,  just click here.  She takes event planning to a new level; I experienced it myself at the Power Boost Live conference.

When was the last time you were at a magical event?  What made it magical?  Please comment below.

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