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Graphic recording increases engagement!


People are tired of boring meetings and conferences. We’ve all been there. Some people are on cell phones, some are confused, and some are even sleeping.

What if you could generate excitement with your group in a creative and memorable way. In a way that’s engaging. Where people get focused, for example, on a vision.

We have a solution. At “See In Colors”, it’s our job to help your group see the big picture!

We draw out conversations and bring words to life. But, it’s not just pretty pictures.

We create visual summaries in real time. That means during presentations or group collaboration, people can see what is being said.

Who benefits from our services?

Facilitators, Consultants, Trainers, Meeting Planners, and more!

What are the benefits of Graphic Recording?

Teams make better decision because ideas are clearer.
It increases memory and comprehension.
Energy is revitalized and people stay engaged.
Seeing patterns and connections help promote creativity.

Simply put, we help your group see the Big Picture.

Graphic recording supports facilitation


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What is graphic recording?
Graphic recording is a skill used to capture and summarize meeting content by using hand drawn pictures and text. Using the visuals of graphic recording helps with retention, decision-making...

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