What is graphic recording? Graphic recording is a skill used to capture and summarize meeting content by using hand drawn pictures and text.  Using the visuals of graphic recording helps with retention, decision-making, and understanding.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.  Graphic recording is also known as visual recording, sketchnoting or scribing. Watch this quick 90 second video to learn more.

Who uses graphic recording? Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and government agencies all use graphic recording.  This includes Dell, Apple, Dept of Education, Kaiser, Nike, and many more.  Graphic recording is a powerful tool for communicating, decision making, brainstorming and planning.

How is it typically setup?
I come to your event and bring my listening skills along with large sheets of paper (about 4ft by 8 ft), markers, and art supplies.  If space is limited, I use an iPAD or sketchbook to draw as I sit in the audience.   I partner with your facilitator or meeting planner before and during the event to ensure the best results.  I can also provide virtual graphic recording using video or teleconferencing.  These are just a few examples, but I can customize any setup for your needs.

What happens after the event?
After the event is over, the charts are yours to keep.  I take digital photos of the charts onsite and will send you the JPG file.  You can use the graphic file on your website, facebook, or brochures.

What else do you offer?
I can create Welcome posters, Agenda Charts, and Custom Templates for your event.  This lets you setup your venue with visual impact and engaging pictures and text.  If there is something else you are interested in, just contact me.

How much does it cost?
Check out the services page for rates.  Just click here for a free quote.

Where are you located?
I am based in the Washington, DC metro area.    Travel to your event and virtual graphic recording are also options.