Project: SURN Leadership Conference

Project: SURN Leadership Conference

Last week I worked with over 200 leaders in education.  It was the 21st SURN Leadership Conference held at the College of Willliam & Mary in Williamsburg, VA.  The conference ran from 6/19-6/20 and included speakers and workshops that brought innovative thinking and insight to attendees.  I provided graphic recording for 5 different sessions, check out some of the photos below.


It’s a full house! Educations Leaders ready to engage at #SURNLC2017

BIG Board for BIG Ideas! Title done, now I’m ready for capture.

John Almarode, Opening Keynote, Graphic Recording - Sketchnotes

Here is the after, Visual summary for the Opening Keynote all finished. Speaker: John Almarode

Concurrent Session: Speaker, John Almarode SURN Sketchnotes Graphic Recording

Concurrent Session: Speaker, John Almarode.  Love his presentation style, very active with music and audience participation.

Mike Schmoker was so engaging with the audience. He showed an example about tying shoe laces with his own shoes. Can you find the shoes in my chart? Double click to expand.

Closing session Steven Staples

Closing session by Steven Staples was great. He shared facts and inspiration for leaders.

Lisa Nelson Workshop Presenter for See In Colors

I had the honor of being a presenter this year.

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this workshop.  The participants jumped right in and were so creative.  They even shared their work on social media #SURNLC2017 to inspire others!

Sketchnotes for Beginners Workshop

Teaching Sketchnotes for Beginners to a full class of 30 education leaders.

My final quote to the workshop participants.

This was such a positive and action oriented conference.  I am excited to see the plans for next year!

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How to Draw a Book in 5 Easy Steps #NationalSchoolLibrarianDay

How to Draw a Book in 5 Easy Steps #NationalSchoolLibrarianDay

April 4th is National School Librarian Day.  Let’s give librarians a round of applause and celebrate them with visual thinking.

When you think of a librarian, what image comes to mind.  Books pop into my mind.

Here is a quick lesson on how to draw a book in 5 easy steps.  Give it a shot.

how to draw a book - visual thinking - graphic recording

Icons like this can help build your visual vocabulary.  Of course you can use this icon to draw tons of concepts.  For example a book can represent learning, school, teacher, research, and so much more.  And several books together can make a library!

Can you think of more ideas a book icon can represent?  I’d love to hear it.

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My Podcast Interview: Capture You Audience Through Visual Marketing

My Podcast Interview: Capture You Audience Through Visual Marketing

My first interview on a podcast!  Woot  Woot!  Yes, I am excited, can you tell.

I’ve been following the podcast of Lisa Anderson since last year.  I love the interviews on her show because she has great advice for small business owners.  No surprise, I was super excited when she contacted me to be a guest on her show.

Listen in on our conversation where I share ideas on visual marketing, graphic recording and fun facts you probably didn’t know about doodling.  I’ve heard so many positive responses from this episode, have a listen, just click here.

Graphic recording for visual thinking and visual marketing, podcast interview

Interview Link:

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How to Draw a Kite in 5 Easy Steps

How to Draw a Kite in 5 Easy Steps

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” – Lauren Bacall

Did you know that February 8 is National Kite Flying Day?

Who would have thunk it!  

I just happened to be looking at the National Day Calendar and saw this special day observed for flying a kite.

If you don’t have time to fly a kite on Feb 8th, you can draw one!  Here is a quick lesson on How to Draw a Kite in 5 Easy Steps.

Draw a Kite, Sketchnotes, Visual Learning

Hope you had fun with this lesson.  Let me know if you fly a kite on Feb 8 or draw one!

I draw kites when creating visual notes to represent childhood, freedom, the wind or sky.  This one image of a kite, has so many meanings!

Click here to learn how we can help your group use visual thinking to communicate ideas, innovate, and see the big picture.

What is graphic recording?

What is graphic recording?

“Wow!  What do you call that?”

I hear this question all the time.  Most people have never seen graphic recording in person, but once you see it, you never forget the experience.

Event planners and consultants hire me for their conferences and meetings.  Graphic recording is a process of listening, synthesizing, organizing and drawing what’s being said.90

The magic comes in when a Graphic Recorder does this process real-time at your meeting or event.  Yes, I said “Magic!”

Picture this, you are at a meeting or a conference.  Your listening to the speaker or having a strategy session.  A key point just came up but you didn’t catch it.  Uh oh.

Graphic Recorder, Lisa Nelson working at a conference in Washington DC

Lisa Nelson, Graphic Recording

Then you look up and see a graphic recorder at the side of the room taking notes and drawing pictures for you.  No worries. Yeah, it’s like magic!

When you see an image and text together, you have an 80% chance of remembering the content.  That’s HUGE.

Graphic Recorder working

Do you know a meeting planner, consultant or facilitator?  Go ahead and share this info with them so they can benefit and subscribe.  Thanks!

6 Key Benefits of Graphic Recording

6 Key Benefits of Graphic Recording

Graphic recording  is the art of capturing conversations with hand drawn pictures so that meetings and events come alive! Here is a quick video that outlines just a few of the reasons why you should use graphic recording for your next meeting, workshop, conference, or leadership retreat.

The benefits of graphic recording:

  1. Supports the Facilitator.  Graphic recording supports the facilitator by making ideas visible so the group can get on the same page.  That’s a good thing.
  2. Validates Participants.  The graphic recorder listens to the conversation during report outs, brainstorming, focus groups and other group discussions.  Participants can actually see their input being captured and visualized with illustrations and text.
  3. Better Decision Making.  Ideas are clarified and visible to everyone in the room.  “Once the facts are clear, decisions jump out at you”- Peter Drucker.
  4. Increases Memory and Comprehension.   Graphic recording creates a “visual memory” for attendees and it can increase retention up to 30%.
  5. Helps the Group to Maintain Focus.  It’s easy for participants and attendees to get distracted, especially after lunch.  Before you know it, someone is yawning and someone is looking at their cell phones.  Having a graphic recorder in the room gives participants a way to bring their attention back to the discussion, catch up and stay focused.  It’s also great for people who did not attend the meeting or conference.  I often hear people say “I felt like I was there” after seeing the completed charts.
  6. Promotes Creativity.   As soon as participants enter the room, they realize this is no ordinary meeting or conference.  Big paper means BIG ideas.  Graphic recording sets the stage for conversation and creativity.

Learn how you can use the power of graphic recording at your next event, click here.

Please comment below, I’d love to hear what you think about the benefits of graphic recording.

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