Business Tips from the GWWIB Spring Conference

Business Tips from the GWWIB Spring Conference

The George Washington Women in Business recently held their annual Spring Conference #DrivingVision and I was the official Graphic Recorder for all the keynotes.   This day long event focused on real world business advice and fostering relationships.  This event included over 300 students from George Washington University and 80 professionals across the country.

The first keynote was from Marne Levine, VP, Global Public Policy, Facebook.  Below is an action shot of me graphic recording real-time at the conference during her speech.

Marne Levine, Facebook, Graphic Recording, #GWWIB, George Washington University, Washington DC

These visual summaries help participants retain more of what they heard at the conference so they can stay engaged to take action.  Here are the completed images from the graphic recording of all the keynote speeches

For a larger view, click the image to expand.

Marne Levine, Facebook, Graphic Recording, #GWWIB, GW University, Washington DC


For a larger view, click the image to expand.

Jean Wang, Google Glass, Graphic Recording, #GWWIB, Washington DC

For a larger view, click the image to expand.

Marla Beck, BlueMercury, Graphic Recording, #GWWIB, George Washington University, Washington DC


I love Marla Beck’s tip to always “Be Scrappy.”  What was your biggest takaway?  Please comment below.

Technology Solutions for Small Business Owners

Technology Solutions for Small Business Owners

This week I attended my first event with Her Corner.  Her Corner provides face-to-face networking for women entrepreneurs through various events.  The speaker series for July focused on technology solutions for small business owners.  The guest speaker was social media and technology expert Lena West, founder of Influence Expansion.

This was such a fun and informative session.   It’s one thing to hear about tools, but when someone explains how they are using it… well that takes it to another level.  Lena shared some of her favorite tools for getting clients, keeping clients and growing your business.  I created this visual summary using my iPad.

I can’t wait to attend the next Her Corner event.  I really enjoyed being in a room full of supportive women that are fired up about business 😀

See the visual summary below.


For a larger view, click the image to expand.

Have you signed up for any of these services?  What was your favorite tip?  Comment below.


Social Media Strategies for Social Entrepreneurs

Social Media Strategies for Social Entrepreneurs

As a part of Social Media Week 2013 in Washington DC, Punchrock hosted a panel discussion about Social Media Strategies for the Social Entrepreneur.  Hmm… Activist or a Slactivist approach?  The panel shared how people. companies, and organizations are changing the world through social entrepreneurship and effectively using social media.

Wikipedia defines a Social Entrepreneur as someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change. A Social Entrepreneur acts as the change agent for society, seizing opportunities and improving systems, inventing new approaches and creating solutions to change society for the better.

Panelists included Sana Venjara, Bryan Lozano and Kalsoom Lakhani.

Check out the sketchnotes (visual summary) of what transpired during the discussion.  For a larger view, click the image to expand.


Many thanks to Punchrock for hosting a great session.

What was your biggest takeaway? Please share and comment below.

Money School Rules from Jean Chatzky on SmallBizChat+

Money School Rules from Jean Chatzky on SmallBizChat+

Jean Chatzky is an author, speaker, and the financial editor for NBC’s Today Show.  She was featured on SmallBizChat Live, where Melinda Emerson shares live interviews with small business experts.  To see the interview with Jean, click here.

Jean discussed the importance of credit and shared this funny money rule: “Every birthday, you should check for you weight and credit score.”  Basically, one should go up and one should go down 😀

This rule inspired me to draw these sketchnotes.

 jean chatzky, money school, sketchnotes, small business

Here are a few tips from Jean to increase your credit score:

  1. Pay bills on time – every single one of them
  2. It is good to have a decent mix of credit – not just credit cards but utilities under your name as well, or a good credit standing in paying a car loan.
  3. Avoid signing up for new credit cards or closing old credit cards.

Have you hear of Jean’s money rule before?  Please share and comment below.


Women Entrepreneurs Rock at Spark & Hustle DC

Women Entrepreneurs Rock at Spark & Hustle DC

Just got back home from a room full of fired up women entrepreneurs!  I’m talking about Spark & Hustle

Tory Johnson is the visionary behind Spark & Hustle a national conference for business owners.   I was delighted that one of the stops on the tour was local for me in Washington, DC.   Here are a few highlights from this 2 day conference.

At the registration table there were tons of Sharpie markers in different colors to sign our badges… of course I had to take advantage of that 😀

spark and hustle badge, washington dc, sketchnotes

I decided to take a break from drawing sketchnotes during this conference, so I left all my professional supplies for drawing at home.  I just wanted to focus on connecting with people and learning strategies to grow my business.   But… I couldn’t help myself.  I’m a visual learner and before I knew it, pictures were popping up in my notes!  Take a peek.

I think everyone in the room got a chuckle from hearing Tory’s networking strategy in her early days of business.  The WAITERS don’t count.

Tory Johnson, Spark and Hustle, washington dc, #sketchnotes

Sarah Chapin from Hail Merry  shared so many tips and quotes that I loved.  Sarah told us “It doesn’t matter how small you start if your dream is BIG.”  I also loved the chocolate macaroons that were placed at our table, compliments of Hail Merry!

Hail Merry, Tory Johnson, Spark and Hustle, sketchnotes, Washington DC

Lena West  and Coach Jenn Lee did a fantastic job during the pitch session.  They helped many of the women in the audience iron out a crystal clear pitch.  I love how they both made themselves available to answer questions even after the session was over.

Sam Horn showed us the power of using stories.  Sam advised instead of asking someone what they do, say “give me an example of what you do?”  She also said “It’s time to evolve our marketing” and go from explanation to examples.Sam Horn Intrigue, Tory Johnson, sketchnotes, Washington DC

During the 2 day event, Tory strongly encouraged and reminded us to sit at a new table after each break and meet new people.  I took her advice and it made all the difference in the world.

So I want to give a shout out to just a few of the many fabulous entrepreneurs I met like Tceniccola, SunshineHopeElegantGranny, AdtechConsults, TheDesignHall, NextBrides, Heidi Pommer, Saralyn Collins, Scribbles and Works and Linda Pritchett.

What was your biggest take-away from Spark and Hustle?  Please share and comment below.



My Creative Business – Special Interview

My Creative Business – Special Interview

Hi Everyone,

I have some exciting news to share.

I was interviewed recently by Vera Raposo, business coach and mastermind at Your Creative Biz.   Vera offers products and services for creative entrepreneurs.  I was delighted to do this interview and honored for her to introduce me to her creative community.  Thanks Vera 😀

During the interview, I share how I got started with graphic recording, what was my turning point, and tips I have learned for business success.

You can check out my interview with Vera here.

creative business interview, graphic recording, sketchnotes, washington d.c.

Do you have a creative business or dream of one?  Please share what it is.  Just comment below.

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