#CincyTakesOnPoverty with Powerful Visuals

#CincyTakesOnPoverty with Powerful Visuals

On June 25th the Child Poverty Collaborative hosted a Community Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This event was built around community conversation to take on poverty by working together to improve the lives of children in Cincinnati.  I was a member of the 6 person team hired by Greg Whicker to bring the power of visuals to over 700 attendees.


Over 700 attendees at the Community Summit #cincytakesonpoverty







Lisa Nelson graphic recording

Each team member worked on a different portion of the 3-D display to capture the harvest.

Lisa Nelson Graphic Recording #Cincytakesonpoverty What's Missing

Working on my portion of the 3-D chart that represents “What’s missing” from the solution to childhood poverty.


Wall Display - Graphic Recording - #cincytakesonpoverty

The final visual summary, our Gigantic 3-D display was a hit!

Checkout WLWT to see my drawing in action during the news segment.

This was a day of listening, learning, sharing and community.  I am so glad that I was able to be a part of this important work.  Please leave a comment below.

Family Caregivers Meeting – Montgomery County, Maryland

Family Caregivers Meeting – Montgomery County, Maryland

Are you a caregiver for an older adult?  Okay, well I’m raising my hand 🙂

I am a caregiver for my sweet 98 year old grandmother so….

I was excited to work on this project about Family Caregivers in Montgomery County, Maryland.  The Montgomery County Commission on Aging hosted the meeting and I am so impressed by the work they are doing for seniors.  The meeting was held on Feb 28 at the Silver Spring Civic Building.

The conference room was filled to the brim with caregivers eager to share and learn about services offered in Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Commission on Aging #1

The meeting started with introductions by Odile Brunetto, Director, Montgomery County Area Agency on Aging and Judy Levy, Chair, Montgomery County Commission on Aging.

Elinor Ginzler, Sr Director, Jewish Council for the Aging  facilitated the meeting.  While Elinor guided the discussion with the audience, I created the visual summaries from the key points.

For a larger view, click the image to expand.


There was also a break-out session with subject matter experts on hand to answer questions.   After the session, each “expert table” did a report-out of the key topics covered at their table.   See my graphic recording below based on those highlights.

For a larger view, click the image to expand.


Using the power of graphic recording helped people see the connections and come up with new strategies for such an important topic.  I am so glad I was a part of this project 🙂

What’s your experience as a caregiver? Can you relate to any of the points in the visual summaries? Comment below.



#MoCo Seniors Transportation Meeting

#MoCo Seniors Transportation Meeting

I really enjoyed  graphic recording for the “All Around The County” transportation meeting.  Montgomery County held a community meeting with seniors to discuss inclusive transportation.  It was a packed house and the feedback was terrific!


For a larger view, click the image to expand.


For a larger view, click the image to expand.  Photo with Lisa Nelson (l) and Elaine Binder (r)- Montgomery County Commission of Aging


For a larger view, click the image to expand.


For a larger view, click the image to expand.


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