Project: Graphic Recording for the OCLC Conference – “Smarter Libraries”

Project: Graphic Recording for the OCLC Conference – “Smarter Libraries”

We recently finished up an awesome project with OCLC for their annual meeting at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel..  See In Colors provided graphic recording for hundreds of attendees.  OCLC is a global library cooperative whose members are librarians, researchers, and pioneers.  Check out the video for a recap of the visual summaries.

Graphic Recording Baltimore Renaissance Harborplace - Lisa Nelson

Lots and lots of drawing!

Word Cloud - Innovative - Graphic Recording

Attendees took a poll on 1 word that summarizes the future. When the results came on the screen, I drew this picture for the word INNOVATIVE.

I loved working with the OCLC team.  They were created an interactive atmosphere and leveraged all the power of visual communications.

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Project: Highlights From #TedxHerndon

Project: Highlights From #TedxHerndon

On Saturday, May 6th, I had the honor of being a Community Partner for TedxHerndon.  Tedx events are local Ted style talks that are independently managed and driven by the community.

What an awesome experience to see speakers like the legendary Nikki Giovanni, Kwame Alexander and so many others. The Master of Ceremonies for the event was Aron Teo Lee, who is also a TedxHerndon veteran speaker.

For this event, I listened to 18 different talks and prepared the charts ahead of time.  I created the 18 hand drawn charts in my studio.  The last step was to construct tower displays in the lobby for attendees.

Here are some of the pictures from the event!

TedxHerndon Graphic Recording Sketchnotes See In Colors

TedXHerndon Entrance

TedxHerndon Graphic Recording Sketchnotes Lisa Nelson

Yep, this tower I made is taller than me!

Graphic Recording Sketchnotes #TedxHerndon

9 different talks displayed in a tower.

Graphic Recording Sketchnotes #TedxHerndon Speakers , Aron Teo Lee, Andrew Tufano, Signe Friedrichs

Graphic Recording Sketchnotes #TedxHerndon

Attendees stop to reflect and take in the content

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Libraries are the New Hub for Dialogue Facilitation #LibrariesTransform

Libraries are the New Hub for Dialogue Facilitation #LibrariesTransform

“Libraries Transform” is a multi-year campaign about the transforming the role of libraries in America.  

This week I joined a webinar that showed libraries how to use several facilitation approaches to foster conversation and lead change in communities.  The webinar was hosted by the American Library Association and the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation.

Here are just a few key points that I sketched while listening.  There are several more webinars coming up, so if you are interested, find out more here.

#librariestransform sketchnotes American Library Association NCDD

For as long as I can remember… I’ve always had a library card.  I’m really excited to see how the #LibrariesTransform initiative will play a role across our country.  The timing in our country right now is perfect for having meaningful dialogue.

Question, comments or ideas?  I’d love to hear them. Hit reply or contact me.

Project: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil & Human Rights Awards #1uMLK

Project: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil & Human Rights Awards #1uMLK

On Sunday, January 15th I created this 4’x8′ chart in real-time for the AFL-CIO.  The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil & Human Rights Awards took place at the Hamilton in Washington, DC.  There were 8 award recipients, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren and actor Jussie Smollett.

Graphic recording sketchnotes by Lisa Nelson, Washington, DC #1umlk

Graphic recording by Lisa Nelson for #1uMLK. The Hamilton, Washington, DC

I enjoyed working on this project for so many reasons.  One reason is because I come from a family of union workers. When award recipient, Carmen Perez, mentioned the 1199 union it made me smile.

Another reason I enjoyed this project was because of the program itself.  It was so rich with stories of ordinary people doing amazing things.

AFL-CIO Program for #1umlk, Washington, DC

I love this quote that was printed on the program.  It speaks to the labor movement and matched the occasion perfectly.

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I used pieces from the music selection, video segments, and stories from the honorees to make the chart a collage.

Click here to see a 15 second video of the complete chart.

Project: Police Community Relations Forum

Project: Police Community Relations Forum

Yesterday the Greenbelt Community Relations Advisory Board and the Greenbelt City Police Department held a forum to to encourage listening and dialogue.   This was the first of a series of conversations to foster a respectful, safe and fair community.

I got a chance to meet neighbors and we collectively worked on being “One Greenbelt”.  Residents shared their experiences and suggestions for improving relations with the police department.  Thomas Kemp, Acting Police Chief said “We are here to LISTEN”.

Take a look at my sketchnotes below, with the takeaways I heard during this session.

Sketchnotes Police Community Relations Forum, Greenbelt MD

I’m curious.  Is your community having these kinds of conversations?

Please leave a comment below and share.

#CincyTakesOnPoverty with Powerful Visuals

#CincyTakesOnPoverty with Powerful Visuals

On June 25th the Child Poverty Collaborative hosted a Community Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This event was built around community conversation to take on poverty by working together to improve the lives of children in Cincinnati.  I was a member of the 6 person team hired by Greg Whicker to bring the power of visuals to over 700 attendees.


Over 700 attendees at the Community Summit #cincytakesonpoverty







Lisa Nelson graphic recording

Each team member worked on a different portion of the 3-D display to capture the harvest.

Lisa Nelson Graphic Recording #Cincytakesonpoverty What's Missing

Working on my portion of the 3-D chart that represents “What’s missing” from the solution to childhood poverty.


Wall Display - Graphic Recording - #cincytakesonpoverty

The final visual summary, our Gigantic 3-D display was a hit!

Checkout WLWT to see my drawing in action during the news segment.

This was a day of listening, learning, sharing and community.  I am so glad that I was able to be a part of this important work.  Please leave a comment below.

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