Project: SURN Leadership Conference

Project: SURN Leadership Conference

Last week I worked with over 200 leaders in education.  It was the 21st SURN Leadership Conference held at the College of Willliam & Mary in Williamsburg, VA.  The conference ran from 6/19-6/20 and included speakers and workshops that brought innovative thinking and insight to attendees.  I provided graphic recording for 5 different sessions, check out some of the photos below.


It’s a full house! Educations Leaders ready to engage at #SURNLC2017

BIG Board for BIG Ideas! Title done, now I’m ready for capture.

John Almarode, Opening Keynote, Graphic Recording - Sketchnotes

Here is the after, Visual summary for the Opening Keynote all finished. Speaker: John Almarode

Concurrent Session: Speaker, John Almarode SURN Sketchnotes Graphic Recording

Concurrent Session: Speaker, John Almarode.  Love his presentation style, very active with music and audience participation.

Mike Schmoker was so engaging with the audience. He showed an example about tying shoe laces with his own shoes. Can you find the shoes in my chart? Double click to expand.

Closing session Steven Staples

Closing session by Steven Staples was great. He shared facts and inspiration for leaders.

Lisa Nelson Workshop Presenter for See In Colors

I had the honor of being a presenter this year.

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this workshop.  The participants jumped right in and were so creative.  They even shared their work on social media #SURNLC2017 to inspire others!

Sketchnotes for Beginners Workshop

Teaching Sketchnotes for Beginners to a full class of 30 education leaders.

My final quote to the workshop participants.

This was such a positive and action oriented conference.  I am excited to see the plans for next year!

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How to Draw a Doughnut in 5 Easy Steps

How to Draw a Doughnut in 5 Easy Steps

Many years ago (1984 to be exact) there was a commercial for Dunkin Donuts with a famous line that went “Time to make the doughnuts!“.  Well, you don’t have to get up early and work at Dunkin Donuts to make one!  In this quick lesson I’ll show you how to build your visual vocabulary and draw a doughnut in 5 easy steps.

Let me show you how you can use this image at work, school, or home.

  • Use a doughnut when you are drawing visual notes.  A doughnut image can represent a “reward, treat, dessert, calories, or  indulgence“.
  • Do you have a meeting, training session, or workshop where you will have breaks in the agenda.  Draw your agenda on a flip chart or whiteboard.  Then draw a doughnut next to each break in the agenda to represent a break for sweets.
  • Celebrating an accomplishment for your team, students, or a family member?  Write the word Congratulations on a whiteboard or flipchart and draw a large doughnut next to it.
    How to Draw A Doughnut, sketchnotes

I will leave it up to you, where to buy your donuts!  Personally, I’m a Krispy Kreme fan (smile).

Can you think of more ideas that a doughnut can represent?  I’d love to hear it.

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Project: Highlights From #TedxHerndon

Project: Highlights From #TedxHerndon

On Saturday, May 6th, I had the honor of being a Community Partner for TedxHerndon.  Tedx events are local Ted style talks that are independently managed and driven by the community.

What an awesome experience to see speakers like the legendary Nikki Giovanni, Kwame Alexander and so many others. The Master of Ceremonies for the event was Aron Teo Lee, who is also a TedxHerndon veteran speaker.

For this event, I listened to 18 different talks and prepared the charts ahead of time.  I created the 18 hand drawn charts in my studio.  The last step was to construct tower displays in the lobby for attendees.

Here are some of the pictures from the event!

TedxHerndon Graphic Recording Sketchnotes See In Colors

TedXHerndon Entrance

TedxHerndon Graphic Recording Sketchnotes Lisa Nelson

Yep, this tower I made is taller than me!

Graphic Recording Sketchnotes #TedxHerndon

9 different talks displayed in a tower.

Graphic Recording Sketchnotes #TedxHerndon Speakers , Aron Teo Lee, Andrew Tufano, Signe Friedrichs

Graphic Recording Sketchnotes #TedxHerndon

Attendees stop to reflect and take in the content

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Project: #APLUincludes Summit & Diversity in STEM Professorate

Project: #APLUincludes Summit & Diversity in STEM Professorate

Did you know that only 8% of under represented minorities are STEM professors at 4 year institutions? 

Well, I was excited to have a chance to make an impact and be a part of the APLU Includes Summit this week.  The summit was focused on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) pathways and diversity in the professorate.

Believe it or not, my background is in Information Technology. Before I started on this artistic path, most of my working life had been around coding, testing, and applications. Yep… it’s true!

I was hired by The Value Web to join their team and provide graphic recording and facilitate a smooth process for attendees. Our team was all about service and “making things easy” for attendees with facilitation and high impact visuals. It was a great experience working side by side with a top notch team.  Team work makes the dream work!

Here are some pictures from the event. I can’t wait until next year, I really enjoyed the energy and ideas from the participants. Change is possible!

APLU Summit Participants

Plenary Session for Day 1 of the #APLUIncludes Summit

Plenary Session for Day 1 of the #APLUIncludes Summit

Live Graphic Recording

Signage helps attendees to remember the hashtag and to share photos

Posters display the objective of the round robin breakout session

Final Wrap up for Day 2, all done!

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The Power of a Thank You Letter

The event you planned is over.  Whew!

But…now you are trying to figure out, how to keep engagement going with your attendees.

Sending a thank you letter is a quick and effective way to do it.  This is how one of my clients kept the conversation going after their Women In Government Contracting Conference.

It’s a short video with big impact, click the image below to watch.

Thanks for watching! Let me know know your feedback, I’d love to hear from you.  If you find this valuable, please share this with someone you know.

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